Adrien Cardenas - Storm Warning (Thunder Mix)

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Title: Storm Warning (Thunder Mix)
Artist: Adrien Cardenas 
Style: Deep House, House
Playtime: 5:40 min
Label: UltraBold
Format: Digital
Release Date: 9/17/2020 
Catalog Number: UB007

    This is ‘Storm Warning’ by Huston based producer Adrien Cardenas. It’s a deep house track. These are the elements: lush & mellow chords, a groovy bassline, a beefy kickdrum. Everything is built around segments of a speech called ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’ by Martin Luther King, Jr. Also there’s some thunder, adding ambience.
    A storm is coming—are you prepared?


1 Thunder Mix (5:40)

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