Cyprus Fuel - Spectrally Unbalanced

Tape recording of the first EP by german electronic music producer Cyprus Fuel.
// Limited to 50 copies.

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Title: Spectrally Unbalanced 
Artist: Cyprus Fuel 
Style: Deep House, House, Funk, Ambient
Playtime: 40 min
Label: UltraBold
Format: Cassette, Digital
Release Date: 11/29/2018
Catalog Number: UB003

After a lot of tweaking, we’re proud to present the final result: nine tracks compiled together in a way that not only makes sense musically, but also spans an arc across this artist’s sonic palette. 
Slow ambient synth tracks alternate with pumping electronic house grooves. This is one producer’s vision, brought to you by UltraBold Records and a fondness for guinea pigs.


1 Underneath The Fold (1:14)
2 It Is What It Is (3:18)
3 It Is What It Isn’t (4:35)
4 Pragmatic Holiday (5:23)
5 C’est Ce Que C’est (4:56)

6 Second Law (4:45)
7 Gender Fluids (5:10)
8 Es Lo Que Es (5:31)
9 Spectrally Unbalanced (3:23)

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