Cyprus Fuel - Shuttle Glide

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Title: Shuttle Glide
Artist: Cyprus Fuel
Style: Breaks, Glitch Hop, Electronic
Playtime: 18 min
Label: UltraBold
Format: Digital
Release Date: 3/3/2022
Catalog Number: UB014

    A new EP by Cyprus Fuel?! Yes truly, the fourth one even! It is a challenge to describe all the six tracks on Shuttle Glide, you have to experience them. Is this lunacy or geniousness? Maybe both, why don’t you decide. We have lift off and are leaving the atmosphere. Grab a towel, there is going to be a cleansing photon shower. Forget the world and it’s superficial vanity and embrace the flummoxy of Cyprus Fuel.


1 Glassy Foam (3:06)

2 Caustic Soda (3:11)
3 Tape Canaveral (1:17)
4 Saturnalia (5:00)
5 Markov Operator (3:21)
6 Radom (2:26)

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