Please Freeze Remixes

Remixes of the track ‘Please Freeze’ by Moonshots on tape.
// Limited to 50 copies.

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Title: Please Freeze Remixes
Artist: Moonshots, V. A.
Style: Deep House, House, Minimal, Funk, Hip-Hop, Ambient
Playtime: 35 min
Label: UltraBold
Format: Cassette, Digital
Release Date: 2/8/2018
Catalog Number: UB002

The second release from UltraBold Records is a remix EP. The track ‘Please Freeze’ has been remixed and reimagined by various european artists.
The EP opens with a danceable track by Berlin-based producer Peter Prautzsch, who’s added (amongst other things) a hypnotic synthline to groove things up.
The second remix was made by Quip from Leeds, very dancefloor-ready with it’s pulling bassline. The third smasher comes from german techno artist Bombilla, who reenvisions the original tune as a melodic tech-house track. Next up, we’re cooling things down with a slow groover by Scherbe from Dresden, who took some elements from the original to create a unique livetake on his MPC 1000. The bleeps & blops and rhythmic intricacies of JFRank’s ‘Lukewarm Remix’ is guaranteed to make your brain dance. Lastly, talented producer x p o n e n t takes the listener on an arpeggiated journey to mellowland on lofi beats and intruiging melodic figures. Don’t miss his special ‘Vocal Arp Remix’ available on cassette tape only.


1 Original Mix (05:43)
2 Peter Prautzsch Remix (07:57)
3 Quip Remix (06:37)

4 Bombilla Remix (07:36)
5 Scherbe Remix (05:04)

6 JFrank’s Lukewarm Remix (04:05)
7 Remix by Xponent (03:12)

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