Gender Fluids Remixes

Remixes of Cyprus Fuel’s track ‘Gender Fluids’ by JFrank, Oxynucid, Enzo, DJ CYBERDAD, Yorkshire Modular Society.

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Title: Gender Fluids Remixes
Artist: Cyprus Fuel, V. A.
Style: Deep House, House, IDM, Electronic, Ambient
Playtime: 30 min
Label: UltraBold
Format: Cassette, Digital
Release Date: 11/29/2018
Catalog Number: UB004

The Gender Fluids Remixes EP is a compilation of five tracks by various artists, who each interpreted the original track in their own way. From italian IDM producer JFrank comes the Slow Loading Remix, an intricate yet soulful remake, which will make not only your brain dance. With classic drummachine sounds and old school treatment of the source material, Oxynucid’s Sleepmix will take you back to the electronic era. A genuine house interpretation follows with Enzo’s Remix, which is equally at home in your living room as it is in your favorite sneaker shop. Heating things up with a driving beat is DJ CYBERDAD’s remix, a dancefloor ready groover/smasher. Finally, for the after hours, Yorkshire Modular Society’s Modular Remix is here to calm you down.


1 JFrank’s Slow Loading Remix (4:40)

2 Sleepmix by Oxynucid (4:23)
3 Enzo’s Remix (4:44)

4 DJ CYBERDAD Remix (6:16)
5 YMS Modular Remix (8:18)

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