Cyprus Fuel - Drama On My Dash

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Title: Drama On My Dash
Artist: Cyprus Fuel
Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient
Playtime: 19:48 min
Label: UltraBold
Format: Digital
Release Date: 11/28/2020 
Catalog Number: UB008

    This release is best described as film music for an episode of Stranger Things which doesn’t exist.
    ‘Owned’ is the third of four tracks. It’s a single take recording of a sequencer called Fugue Machine controlling a granular synthesizer called Tardigrain. Although 2020 proved exceptionally fruitful for Cyprus Fuel, the artist had to deal with a considerable amount of emotional pain. That does resonate in this track. The whole concept of the EP deals with internet culture, tumblr specifically.


1 Anon (5:32)

2 Based (7:11)
3 Owned (3:18)
4 Shadowbanned (3:46)

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