DJ CYBERDAD - Class Consciousness On The Beach

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Title: Class Consciousness On The Beach
Style: Deep House, House, Lo-Fi, Ambient
Playtime: 30 min
Label: UltraBold
Format: Digital
Release Date: 5/23/2020 
Catalog Number: UB006

    Our sixth release is a single track by DJ CYBERDAD, along with four remixes. Exactly one year after debut EP ‘Emotional In Destin’ hit the scene, CYBERDAD of Huntsville, AL is back with a lo-fi instrumental house track, which was conceived during a pensive holiday in Florida.
    The track is framed by a soulful and melodic house remix by Treetime Music, a cool and dubby Shower remix by Oxynucid, an experimental remix with broken beats by Cyprus Fuel and, last but not least, a one take modular-synth rework by Yorkshire Modular Society (free merchandise for anyone who can identify the birdsong in the background).


1 Original Mix (5:29)

2 Treetime Remix (5:40)
3 Oxynucid 420 Noiseless Shower Remix (6:14)
4 Cyprus Fuel Remix (4:11)

5 Yorkshire Modular Society Rework (8:10)

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